Phoenix Stay and Play, Keighley

The Phoenix School in Keighley runs a holiday play scheme for disabled children which gives them a wide range of experiences.

Most of their children are disabled and come to the scheme with their parents and siblings.
We have had some great times with the children who seem to love seeing and handing the birds.

I am really pleased that we have been asked to go back and do some more events for them.

Birds Of Prey At Huddersfield Fire Station Charity Gala

We are very proud to announce we will be attending Huddersfield Fire Brigade Charity Gala, on Saturday 29th June at the fire station. We will be displaying owls, falcons, hawks and Buzzards in our very hands on technique.

The gala runs from 10 am  to 4 pm and will include an array of stalls shows and attractions and will be situated at the rear of Huddersfield Fire Station.

We hope to raise money for Huddersfield Foundation, as well as our on-going rescue work.

Hope to see you there.

Wayne & Katrina Auty

Knottingley school visit


After doing 4 x 1 hour educational exhibitions  at Knottingley junior school on my own, I was shattered. I took 4 owls and a male harris hawk. Did a flying display for each class and every child held one or more birds. I used a teacher as a “volunteer” to help with flying display.
The children and staff loved it, and to show their appreciation they made me this wonderful card to say thank you.
I just wish to say thank you to all children and staff for a fantastic day and a wonderful card.

Back From The ICCCR15

The Citroen car show was a great hit. We were visited by people from all over the world, Australia, New Zealand, America and all over Europe.

Luckily the weather held out for the whole four days of the event. Due to the weather we had to keep spraying the birds with cold water to regulate their temperature as in the wild they would find somewhere cool.

We use a gazebo to provide shelter from the sun and rain and have never yet had a problem. Transporting our birds can cause a few headaches but nothing to worry about.

This time the show was only an hour away from base and the birds don’t seem to be bothered at all by a couple of hours in the car. It is always a worry though in case there is an accident but touch wood that hasn’t ever happened.

What we do at the shows is allow people to take their own photos holding the birds if they wish and just leave it up to them to leave a donation if they wish. We use the donations for the upkeep of our own birds and the rescue and rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wild birds.

Across the four days the birds were probably held by at least 500 people without problems. At this show we only did short distance flying and mainly it was a static display.

It obviously went well as we have been asked to do the Citroen Northern Rally next year. That is only a UK event as the international one only comes to the UK rarely. This year was the first one in the north of England although they have been down south once before.

We would like to thank the organisers and voulunteers that made the show such a great success. We are proud to have been part of it.

To all the folk who visited us, thank you and we hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did.

The International Citroen Car Club Rally

From the 9th to the 12th of August we are going to be at this show at the The Great Yorkshire Showground. It’s a huge international event with people coming from all over the world.

In addition to all the classic Citroën vehicles, there will be plenty at the ICCCR 2012 to keep the whole family happy and entertained, including helicopter flights, a firework display, live music every evening, a free heritage bus service into Harrogate, a whole host of child-friendly activities(including us) , a wide selection of food and drink options – and much more.

ICCCR 2012 is sponsored by Citroën France and Citroën UK, with support from local dealership David Fox Citroën, Total Lubricants, the office of the Mayor of Harrogate and the Harrogate Tourist Information Centre.

The Great Yorkshire Showground is the largest country showground in the UK, with extensive permanent facilities
within a site area of over 250 acres on the edge of Harrogate.

It would be great to see you there. Come and say hello!