Huddersfield Examiner Comment on Tawny Owl Release.

IT IS hard to imagine quite how Wayne and Katrina Auty must have felt  yesterday morning when they released a tawny owl they had nursed to health back  into the wild.

The Scissett couple were asked to take care of the owl which was found by a  walker trapped on a fishing line and badly injured.

Yesterday, the couple were able to return this beautiful adult bird to the  area where it was found in the hope that it will be reunited with its mate.

The Autys currently have 10 birds of prey at their Scissett home and say any  wild rescue birds stay with them until they recover and can be released back  into the wild.
It is thanks to their dedication, skill and patience that some of these  wonderful birds are restored to health and to their natural habitat. We applaud  them and wish them well in their future work

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