Pictures from our display at Greenhill Primary, Bramley

It’s always so rewarding to get lovely feedback like this:

” It was just what I wanted and the childrens’ reactions were amazing. As the year come to a close the children have been talking and writing about what they have enjoyed this year, your visit features at the top of most of their lists. The group of children that were so enthusiastic about birds of prey got a lot from your visit and I think you noticed that three of them would not go back to class! It made their day.

The reason that I have waited so long to contact you is that I now have permission from parents for you published the attached photos on your website. “

It’s even nicer to be allowed to show you some of the photos that have been taken. You can see how much the children are enjoying themselves.






Delightful Comment From a Customer

We do get a lot of positive feedback from all the people who have enjoyed our displays,
but this one from Sue is one of the nicest we have had.

Thank you very much and I hope we can be of service to you again.

“Not only were the Wise Owl team
professional,entertaining and talented !
But so were the humans that came with them!
A wonderful experience not to be missed.”

Family Day at The Crown , Scissett

Wise owl Bird of Prey RescuebubblesWise Owl Bird of Prey Rescue  are happy to be appearing at the Crown public house, Scissett tomorrow (first April 2013), from 1pm onwards.

We will be displaying 7 birds including owls, hawks and buzzards. No falcons tomorrow as it is breeding time!

Flying displays dependant on weather.

Should be a great family day, with lots of other attractions and food served all day ( and beer lol)

Thank you.

Wayne & Katrina Auty

Knottingley school visit


After doing 4 x 1 hour educational exhibitions  at Knottingley junior school on my own, I was shattered. I took 4 owls and a male harris hawk. Did a flying display for each class and every child held one or more birds. I used a teacher as a “volunteer” to help with flying display.
The children and staff loved it, and to show their appreciation they made me this wonderful card to say thank you.
I just wish to say thank you to all children and staff for a fantastic day and a wonderful card.

Huddersfield Examiner Comment on Tawny Owl Release.

IT IS hard to imagine quite how Wayne and Katrina Auty must have felt  yesterday morning when they released a tawny owl they had nursed to health back  into the wild.

The Scissett couple were asked to take care of the owl which was found by a  walker trapped on a fishing line and badly injured.

Yesterday, the couple were able to return this beautiful adult bird to the  area where it was found in the hope that it will be reunited with its mate.

The Autys currently have 10 birds of prey at their Scissett home and say any  wild rescue birds stay with them until they recover and can be released back  into the wild.
It is thanks to their dedication, skill and patience that some of these  wonderful birds are restored to health and to their natural habitat. We applaud  them and wish them well in their future work

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